Due to our political work advocating for the rights, freedoms, and liberty of all Australians, dare2care Australia is unable to apply for not-for profit status.

We are a registered Australian business and comply with Australian taxation laws. With that in mind, we do not take any profits and all money goes back into the organisation toward fulfilling our mission.

There are four ways you can support our mission to empower, activate and educate people to become more aware and care, individually and collectively.


Volunteering not only helps us, but it also helps you feel better about yourself. Volunteer as much or as little as you want. You can help at events, activities, or initiatives, or  become a team activator, workshop facilitator or presenter. The key is to get involved, have fun, and help restore social cohesion in your community. Simply complete the form and one of our Volunteer Activators will be in touch.

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If you’re time-poor or cash-poor, your monetary donation will be used wisely to support our mission. For example, to provide resources for the Youth Activate Academy or equipment for group activities and neighbourhood initiatives or any number of community-based applications.
Every donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated and a receipt is provided.

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Financially sponsoring a dare2care event, project or initiative provides your business brand recognition and industry clout while supporting a worthwhile community cause managed by professionals. If you are interested in this kind of sponsorship, we would be delighted to discuss your organisation’s involvement and how we can positively impact your brand. Just complete this form.

Strategic Partnership

Because dare2care’s vision is far-reaching, we are eager to align with long-term strategic and promotional partners in the corporate and media industries. If you’re interested in discussing a strategic partnership, please complete this form.

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© 2022 Dare 2 Care Australia | Built by OYO